The Importance of a Quality Dog Leash

Finding the right dog leash for your dog can be more difficult than people think. Dog leashes can either be way too long or way too short. Either way, you’re going to be struggling to maintain control of your dog.

With a Vitakraft Retractable Leash, you’ll have the freedom to control whether or not your dog is close to you or far away from you.


This is of great importance to dog owners; especially those that live in highly populated areas. Dogs are often distracted by things when they’re walking with their owner. Not having the proper leash length can possibly lead to your dog getting injured.

Not only are dog injuries painful for your companion, but they’re also incredibly expensive.

This is why Vitakraft invented the Flexi leash – which is the best retractable leash available.

It provides your pet with the freedom without sacrificing any control. Flexi offers the highest quality retractable leashes with its durable casing and strong nylon leashes.

Getting a quality leash for your dog is often an afterthought for most dog owners. However, we really urge dog owners to make it a priority to get a great fitting dog leash.

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